Ivy League School's Philosophy

Our dedication in guiding each and every one of our students to achieve academic excellence epitomizes our philosophy that every child deserves an opportunity to succeed. Our friendly and knowledgeable faculty members are specifically trained to identify each students’ academic strengths/weaknesses and help each student accordingly. Most importantly, Ivy League School guarantees a small personal classroom setting to allow every student the attention they deserve.
Here at Ivy League School, we understand the importance of securing a concrete foundation for a child’s future. Our commitment to challenging our students to reach their fullest potentials has proven results. We are eager to continue our school’s tradition of giving rise to numerous young individuals who share a bright and promising future ahead, which all began with a solid Ivy League School education.
As we continue to uphold our philosophy over the years, our students have advanced through numerous academic difficulties and attained countless academic honors. We are proud to help our students and parents feel confident about themselves academically, allowing them to focus on what is truly important – their education.

Ivy League Test Preparation

We believe that examinations are crucial in the academic process. It is vital that the student approaches these assessments as stepping stones rather than hindering obstacles. We offer some of the most comprehensive courses to our students. Our carefully designed test-preparation courses effectively assists students in achieving outstanding test scores. More than three fourths of our students score above 500 in all sections of the CAT 6/Star tests. Not only do our elementary and middle school students score high, but 70% of our SAT students score above 1300, 40% score above 1400, and 20% score above 1500.