SAT I & II Mathematics

I. Review SAT

1. Go over Mon. test.

II. Class assignment

1. Go over the assignments.

2. Teaching students the math skills, inform the students about math tricks and how to solve math problems by using the most efficient methods.

III. Homework & Quizzes

1. Any incomplete class work is automatically homework. Review and make sure the students know exactly how to solve the math problem, including any formulas or tricks necessary.

2. Quizzes will be given weekly. Assign quizzes questions from homework., about 10-20 questions.

1. Any score on a quiz or test lower than 70% automatically receives detention.
2. Any student with incomplete homework or has a homework assignment scored lower than 70%.
3. Behavior issues or forgetting to bring the daily report.
4. If a student receives three detentions, then she/he will be given Saturday School.