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Sherilynne Lacny

Co-Founder & Female Strategies

My role at It’s Your Ai Company is to identify individuals who are interested in making a difference in the lives of those who are at a disadvantage because of gender, race, religion, sexual preference, health conditions, or economic status. Our team is focused on providing opportunities for individuals to earn meaningful income & stock options thus paving the way to happiness.


Professor Goran Savić, PhD

Director of Machine Learning

Professor Savić is a university professor, published author, and senior software engineer. He has 10+ years of experience in building machine learning & enterprise information systems. Professor Savić has led all phases of the software development life cycle including business analysis, project management, architecture design, programming, and deployment.


Professor Milan Segedinac, PhD

Chief of Artificial Intelligence

Professor Segedinac is a university professor lecturing & holding practical classes on artificial intelligence, web applications advanced web technologies, knowledge-based systems, and semantic web. 


Professor Milan Čeliković, PhD

Director of Cloud and AI

Professor Čeliković is a university professor and senior software engineer involved in database systems, information systems, software and system engineering and artificial intelligence. He has experience in various projects and different programming languages.

Jay Lacny

Innovation & Strategy

Jay leads innovation and strategy at It’s Your Ai Company identifying market opportunities and distribution channels.

Past Accomplishments

Mr. Lacny co-founded Simply Stocks which provided financial information on over 10,000 publicly traded companies and the data was sold to Wall Street firms.

Clients included Michael Dell, JP Morgan, Banc of America Securities, and many other flagship firms. At the time of acquisition the company had approximately 400 employees and has since been expanded to 4,000 by McGraw Hill. Along with his wife and partner, they founded an Internet dial-up provider that was sold to a publicly-traded company in a multi-million dollar transaction.

Mr. Lacny also founded MyKidisSafe and was the first to file a patent to block texting while driving. The mobile application developed in conjunction with Microsoft also included: scanning pictures for nudity (sexting), scanning texts for 1,500 objectionable words, restricting phone use while driving without a headset, monitoring driving speed, monitoring of cyberbullying, blocking outbound calls until a parent is called back and restricting phone use while at school and not on breaks.