Conversation Questions


  • Have you ever been on a diet?
  • How do you know if you are fat?
  • What is the best way to diet?
  • Do you think dieting can be dangerous?
  • Do you think fiber is important in your diet?
  • What kind of fiber is the best when you are trying to loose weight?
  • Do you think protein is important in a balanced diet?
  • What is a good source of protein?
  • Do you think people who are fat can be happy?
  • Do you think people are in general are gaining weight or loosing weight?
  • What kind of diet would you recommend to your friend?
  • What kind of diet would recommended for an older person(40’s) and a younger person(teens)?
  • What is the difference between diet and a healthy diet?
  • Is there a difference between being thin and being healthy? Which one is better?
  • Do you think being slim equals beautiful?
  • Do you think there is more pressure now for teens to look slimmer?
  • In what way can diet influence our appearance and personality?